Teeth Whitening

Even a celebrity smile loses its luster when teeth take on a yellow color or stains collect along the gum line. Using advanced teeth whitening techniques, Dr. Brett Helton and Dr. Alexis Gibbs at Columbus Aesthetic & Family Dentistry can bring out the best in your smile.

Our Columbus, GA, practice tailors treatment to your needs and lifestyle with in-office or at-home whitening with professional results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Fast, Effective, and Safe

Teeth whitening remains one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because it is one of the fastest and more affordable ways to turn your smile into a showstopper.

Dr. Helton and Dr. Gibbs use the latest technology at our Columbus, GA, dental office, providing patients with a comfortable experience and optimal results. Depending on your preferences, we can complete in-office teeth whitening in less than an hour or send you home with custom trays that allow you to safely whiten your smile at your convenience.

Why Choose In-Office Whitening From Qualified Professionals?

In-office teeth whitening is a great option for patients who need to whiten their smile before a big event. Since treatment at our practice is individually tailored and closely monitored by our dentists, whitening is a viable option for patients with deep-set stains or who have avoided enhancing their smiles due to tooth sensitivity.


Our Columbus, GA, dental practice uses the advanced Philips Zoom! method, a hydrogen peroxide treatment that has been clinically proven to whiten your smile up to eight shades in one appointment and ensures each tooth is treated. We can complete an in-office treatment in less than an hour, leaving you with a dazzlingly white smile.


Prior to beginning your treatment, our doctors will color-match your smile to a spectrum to establish your goals and track your progress. A varnish compound containing hydrogen peroxide will be applied to your teeth, which will then be bathed in an LED light to activate the whitening agents.

Once the session is complete, you will walk out the door with a brilliant smile.

A Closer Look at Take-Home Treatments For Tooth Whitening

Person filling at-home whitening tray

​For patients who prefer to whiten their smiles on their own schedules or in the convenience of their home, we also offer the Phillips Zoom! at-home whitening system. Our take-home bleaching treatments are typically more cost-effective than in-office whitening but still offer great results within a more gradual timeframe. 

"I feel so happy and lucky to have found Columbus Aesthetic & Family Dentistry. Dr. Helton and the entire staff are genuinely warm and welcoming. They embraced me as if I was a long-time patient and honestly, I do feel like part of their family. If you're looking for the right place to provide professional work and at the same time, make you feel like family, then I highly recommend you try Columbus Aesthetic & Family Dentistry--you will not be disappointed!"

Whiter Teeth Are Just a Phone Call Away Request a Consultation

​Even dental patients who diligently floss and brush can discover their teeth no longer shine as bright as they used to, making it harder to smile with confidence. 

Dr. Helton has 20 years of experience helping Columbus residents revive their smiles through teeth whitening. If you've grown frustrated with over-the-counter bleaching methods and whitening toothpastes that never seem to measure up to advertising claims, request a consultation to learn what professional teeth whitening can do for your smile.

Our dentists will go over the different bleaching methods for whitening teeth. Dr. Helton and Dr. Gibbs can also take the time to accurately assess how much whitening you can expect and which whitening methods are best suited to your situation. To request your consultation, contact our office online or call: 

(706) 563-3225

Our team

At your teeth whitening consultation, Dr. Helton or Dr. Gibbs will discuss why professional in-office or at-home methods perform better than over-the-counter bleaching or whitening toothpaste, explain how hydrogen peroxide can safely whiten your teeth, and answer any questions you have about treatment.

How Our Dental Practice Stands out from the Rest

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  • Technology-Focused Care

    Our emphasis on technology streamlines care and allows our Columbus practice to optimize whitening treatments. Our focus on technology means patients receive precise treatment, more comfortable care, and long-lasting results.
  • Reputation

    Columbus Aesthetic & Family Dentistry was founded in 1970. Dr. Helton, who began working at the practice in 2004, has built a reputation for providing friendly, high-quality, and professional care for patients. He's joined by Dr. Gibbs, who has a passion for serving our community.
  • Patient-Centered Care

    We strive to make each appointment as enjoyable as possible. Quench your thirst with complimentary bottled water or calm your nerves with sedation dentistry. We cater to all our patients' needs.
  • Flexible Financing

    We offer reasonably priced treatments, but if costs are still an issue we accept CareCredit® financing to help patients afford treatment. We also offer in-house financing for select patients. Leave us a message for more information.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

During your visit to our Columbus office, we will assess the condition of your smile and discuss your desired outcomes. In general, candidates for teeth whitening should:

  • Be in good oral health 
  • Not be pregnant 
  • Have surface stains
  • Have healthy enamel 

Almost anyone who is self-conscious about the color of their smile can benefit from teeth whitening treatments. However, it is important to maintain realistic expectations and understand that dental restorations, including dental crowns and porcelain veneers, cannot be whitened. If you have intrinsic stains, misshapen teeth, or gaps that you are concerned about, Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Helton can discuss our other cosmetic dentistry treatments with you during your appointment. 

Have Sensitive Teeth? Prepare With a Special Toothpaste

Woman with sensitive teeth drinking ice water

Even if you have tooth sensitivity to bleaching solutions like hydrogen peroxide, we can set you up for success. How? Our dentists put your comfort first by recommending a special toothpaste to use before your whitening sessions.

Whether you have sensitive teeth or want easier treatment, you should brush with a sensitivity toothpaste leading up to your visit. Our team can guide you through the timeline — and explain more about how it helps — during your initial consultation.

Still concerned? In some cases, we may be able to offer sensitivity gel inside of your whitening trays. It can help reduce any potential discomfort you may feel during the application of hydrogen peroxide whitening products.

Using Teeth Whitening Treatment at Home

Prefer to brighten your smile at home? Our Phillips Zoom! take-home kits allow you to set your own schedule. Typically, the process may go something like this.

We offer at-home whitening, allowing you to brighten your smile in around two weeks. 
We offer at-home whitening, allowing you to brighten your smile in around two weeks. 

Taking Impressions

We will take 3D impressions of your teeth at our Columbus, GA, office.

Making Trays

Then, we'll create a set of custom trays for your upper and lower arches. Unlike over-the-counter products, our custom trays are constructed to snugly fit your teeth and keep the whitening agent from touching your gums. 

Preparing the Trays

First, you'll need to brush and floss. After that, you can apply the gel into the trays and put them over your teeth.

Wearing Your Trays

You will wear your trays for either 30 to 90 minutes or overnight, depending on the specific solution you choose. You should clean your trays with water and brush your teeth again when treatment is complete.

Being Consistent

Your teeth will gradually lighten if you wear your trays daily. Missing days can delay the effects of treatment. 

How Long Can My Results Last?


The results from teeth whitening dental treatments can last for six months to a year. You can visit our office regularly for touch-up applications. We can also give you advice about making your results last, so that you can enjoy your beautiful smile for longer.

Caring for Your Smile After Treatment

Because we use more powerful formulas than over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide products, you can count on more striking transformations. However, some activities and foods can diminish the brightness of your smile or cause surface stains. Here are some tips to keep your teeth bright and beautiful.

Use a Recommended Toothpaste

Our Columbus dentists often recommend using specific brands of toothpaste after your visit: Clinpro™ or Prevident®. They're happy to help you find the best whitening products for your enamel.

Avoid Foods and Liquids That Stain

Darkly colored liquids and foods have the potential to stain your teeth. Drinks like sodas, coffees, and teas can dull the brightness of your teeth. Using a straw while consuming these drinks can limit their contact with your enamel. 

Avoid Tobacco Products

Cigarettes and tobacco products will stain your teeth and can lead to oral health concerns such as gum disease. For the sake of both your smile and your health, it's best to avoid using cigarettes and tobacco products.

We Can Enhance Your Smile After a Single Visit

Teeth whitening treatment can be completed in one visit to our Columbus, GA, dental office. After just one hour, patients can have a dramatically brighter smile. 

Over-the-counter products may promise whiter teeth, but they don't produce the consistent and quality results that professional teeth whitening treatments provide. They also may not have the LED technology used in Phillips Zoom! dentist-directed whitening.

Have an important event coming up quickly, like a wedding or family reunion? Turn to a tried-and-true solution. Contact our dentist's office online or call:

(706) 563-3225

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Can't I Just Use Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening?

Sure, you can — but the question is, do you want to? Over-the-counter products like pens and whitening toothpastes do not come with the supervision or dedicated training that a dentist can offer. In fact, even if you want to try an over-the-counter whitening method, your first step should still be booking an appointment with a dentist.

Why? An undetected cavity could allow the bleaching solution to come in contact with nerves inside your tooth, causing excruciating pain. In most cases, cavities should be treated before you begin any whitening regimen. 

Dr. Helton and Dr. Gibbs can also examine your teeth for any past restoration or cosmetic work, such as fillingscrowns, and veneers. Restorations can complicate teeth whitening since bleaching will not change their color. This can result in a color mismatch between your restorations and your now-whiter natural teeth.

FAQS About Teeth Whitening

We always encourage our Columbus teeth whitening patients to ask questions. That way, they can feel fully confident about their treatment — and their choice of dentist. We've gone over a few common ones below for your convenience.

Q. Why are over-the-counter products less effective?

A. In-store whitening products like strips, pens, and toothpastes use less powerful hydrogen peroxide formulations. As a result, they are less effective than our dentist-directed options. These whitening products also lack another key benefit: the peace of mind you get from having a dentist directly monitor your care.

Q. Is whitening covered by insurance?

A. Unfortunately, it is not. We know what a difference it can make in your confidence, though, which is why we offer our own in-house financing plans. Our team also accepts low-interest or even no-interest payment plans from CareCredit, so that you can invest in your self-esteem.

Q. Can teeth whitening be combined with other treatments?

A. Yes — we often offer teeth whitening as part of a custom smile makeover. Each plan is tailored to you. Options can include popular cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding and veneers. They can address concerns not refined by whitening, like gaps, cracks, chips.

Did We Miss Your Question?

"I have never had such an pleasant experience at an dentist office before. The staff is courteous, respectful, knowledgeable, and saw to my every need...I highly recommend [Dr. Helton] and his services."
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